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About Midstate Pest Control Inc:

How did I start you might ask. I was working at a Housing Project as a Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor when a roach gel called Maxforce came out for the treatment of roaches. I was certified to perform Pest Control through my license wiht the NYSDEC. My boss told me to try it out to see how it works. WOW! Within a short time I had the reputation of being called the "Cockroach man" as everyone was so happy with the results and service. The housing project had no more roaches. I said to myself, " Wow I could make money doing this."

That was beginning of my business. I started Midstate Pest Control doing roach work and then branched out very quickly to a full range of pest elimination services. I know what works and how to do it. My busy times are now with bedbugs. I am a bedbug elimination specialist. I have also had a 100% elimination record with all my treatments.

During the summertime, people are plagued with bees, wasps, flies, spiders, and carpenter ants. My one time treatments work all the time and are very reasonably priced. I love it when I am treating a house for bees and spiders and as I am spraying my clients are watching the spiders drop and bees flying out of their hiding spaces.

I love helping people and seeing them happy as a result of my good work. I am in this business like everyone else to make a living, but I have quickly found out that doing quality work priced reasonably, has made me steadily busy instead of doing a few high priced jobs and sitting around waiting for them to work out. More volume work at a lower cost, has made me successful and a host of many happy clients.

I have also performed work for commercial rental buildings in Albany,Troy, Hudson, and Catskill. When you call me about your problem, I will listen and make suggestions for treatment and give you a reasonable estimate for me to take care of the problem.


View what our clients are saying about us:

Testimonial 1

I am the Housing Mgr. of a low income Housing project in the Hudson Valley. We have been battling bedbugs for a while using one of the larger companies with their certified technicians

With much money spent and a host of tenants screaming at me in my office that they were still getting bitten alive and sightings were many I had to do something. They were not happy. I called Bennett in from Midstate Pest Control Inc. and his 3 treatment process worked the 1st time. All the tenants were now coming in to express the joy they were finally bedbug free and to express the frustration of all the work done to prepare for the original exterminator which did not work. At my place Bennett is known as the " Bedbug Man " and is well greeted by my tenants as he enters our facility. I highly recommend him and only him to be your " Bedbug man " too.

Testimonial 2

I am a Building Project Mgr. for a multi family dwelling in Rensselaer County. A building with several stories and lots of apts. We had to take a good look at our bedbug program and listen to all the tenants that were complaining that the exterminator was not doing the job.

One of our service technicians said he knew About Bennett Edelman from Midstate Pest Control Inc. that would do a job that would work. The rest is history. We hired him and over a short period of time has made our building completely bedbug free. The tenants love him. Since he did so well we were able to get him to do our monthly Pest Control as well and this has also made a situation here that is virtually bug and rodent free.. If you have a problem call him. He will listen to you and help you and probably at a cost lower than his competition.We know someone will and might bring something in that will start an apt seeing bedbugs again. We are no longer afraid of this getting out of hand as Bennett will be called in again if this happens.