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Bed Bug Service in Catskill, Greene, Columbia, Ulster, Dutchess and Albany Counties

Although they're called bedbugs, they don't just live in beds. Clutter, baseboards, carpeting, sofas and other furniture are all posh resorts to bedbugs, and at night they come out to dine on your blood, an all-you-can-eat buffet to them. If you ever wake up with itchy or bruised skin, you may have a bedbug problem without even knowing it.

Don't Worry Everything is Gonna be Alright.

Everybody’s talking about the bedbug epidemic. People have developed phobias thinking they might get them and that fear is constantly haunting them and rightly so with so many cases throughout New York.

Using my methods I have been able to get 100% extermination of bedbugs on every account I have serviced. I don't use heat. I don't use cold. ----reasons being that once the hot and cold is gone there are no residuals left to kill the bedbugs that quickly got away,   and then the infestation begins again.

I use New York State DEC registered insecticides that will be applied safely that leaves a long lasting residual.

You do not have to throw away your mattresses and box springs and furniture. I can safely treat them all so you can save them and not have the expense of buying new.

Whatever you do, one of the most important things to do is not tell anyone you have bedbugs other than the landlord if you rent, as telling friends, neighbors and coworkers will have a devastating effect on the way they treat you.  Trust me. This is what happens. Call me to discuss your problem.