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Insect Extermination in Catskill, Greene, Columbia, Ulster, Dutchess and Albany Counties

Every insect requires a somewhat different approach for elimination and different formulas so that they are eliminated from your home or business.

Bees,wasps,flies and spiders-------Easy.------ Spray the entire house from the roof line down with a non staining residual insecticide that will last most of the spring and summer.

Ants,Carpenter ants-----Needs outside and inside spraying and dusting and other measures which might include fogging of wall voids if needed.

Fleas----Easy-------Spray all floors bedding and furniture and then a fogging to follow. A good one time treatment that works.---you must vacuum everyday for 3 weeks.

Powder Post Beetles and termites require either or, or both wood treatment and soil injection of termiticide or a combination of both---- or wood treatments and outside termite baiting.

Roaches---very easy---put down some good roach gel and follow up required if necessary.

Bedbugs---- A little more complicated and preparation needed.---- Insecticides work the best and are residual.---- Heat and cold is not residual.---- This can be done with residual insecticides that are labeled for bedbugs along with growth regulators to prevent them from maturing to adults as well as dusts  over a 2 week period.

You see it really is not that complicated. All you need is someone who is totally dedicated and committed to helping you-------That's me